About Muddy Ford Press

Muddy Ford Press is a family owned publishing company dedicated to providing boutique publishing opportunities particularly to, but not limited to, South Carolina writers, artists, and poets.

Muddy Ford Press publications are curated and selected by an outside panel of artists and experts. The publishers and editors at Muddy Ford Press work hand-in- hand with selected authors to create an exciting collaborative experience.
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To have your manuscript considered for Muddy Ford Press publication please send a letter of inquiry to inquiry@MuddyFordPress.com. Tell us about yourself and your manuscript and send us your first three chapters. Muddy Ford Press does not charge a reading fee. If we think your manuscript might be a match for Muddy Ford Press we will ask to see it in its entirety and may ultimately send it out to a highly discerning panel of experts for their adjudication. If your book is selected for publication we will contact you and, together, create a timeline for publication. In order to work intimately and purposefully with our authors we typically work on one book at a time. This means our publication queue may be long, but your patience will be rewarded with the kind of joyful experience bringing a new piece of art into the world should provide.

About Broad River Books

Broad River Books is a sister imprint of Muddy Ford Press offering a more streamlined, but less hands-on experience for our authors. Publication selections are made in-house and editing options are limited. Authors may opt to submit to Broad River Books for a faster turn-around and more autonomous publishing experience or you may be directed to submit to Broad River Books if your manuscript is not a fit for Muddy Ford Press. Broad River Books is committed to providing the same kind of satisfying publishing experience as Muddy Ford Press, but with less hand-holding and faster turn-around.


To have your manuscript considered by Broad River Books please send a letter of inquiry to
BRB@MuddyFordPress.com. Tell us about yourself and send us your completed manuscript.

Wateree Creek Creations (coming soon!)

Wateree Creek Creations is a sister imprint of Muddy Ford Press and Broad River Books offering all the autonomy of self-publishing with the added benefit of being included in a distinctive catalog of books and authors.