Muddy Ford Press is a family owned publishing company dedicated to providing boutique publishing opportunities particularly to, but not limited to, South Carolina writers and poets.


Muddy Ford Press was founded by Robert B. Jolley, Jr., MD in the Spring of 2011 to underwrite the costs of a local arts publication. In July 2011, Muddy Ford Press created a new arts publication and called it Jasper — The Word on Columbia Arts. The first issue of Jasper was published in September 2011. On February 14, 2012, Muddy Ford Press published its first book, Jasper Reads: Download, a chap book of poetry created especially for the What’s Love festival in Columbia, SC, edited by Dr. Ed Madden with cover design by Bert Easter. On May 15, 2012, Muddy Ford Press published its next book, Buttered Biscuits: Short Stories from the South, written by Cynthia Boiter, editor of Jasper Magazine with cover art commissioned from local Columbia, SC artist, Thomas Crouch. June, 2012 brought the publication of Muddy Ford Press’s next book, To the Wren Nesting, a book of poetry by longtime local poet, writer, and editor, Kristine Hartvigsen. In October 2012, Muddy Ford Press published its first art book with accompanying commentary, All the In Between – My Story of Agnes, by local Columbia artist Laurie Brownell McIntosh. And in November 2012, we published our first novel, Fellow Traveler by Don McCallister, author of King’s Highway (Red Letter Press, 2007.)