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Muddy Ford Press is a family owned publishing company dedicated to providing boutique publishing opportunities particularly to, but not limited, to South Carolina writers and poets.

Theologies of Terrain

Theologies of Terrain

Tim Conroy
Edited by Ed Madden

AVAILABLE NOW from Muddy Ford Press

Muddy Ford Press announces a new series of books, The Laureate Series, with the publication of Theologies of Terrain by Tim Conroy, edited by Columbia, SC poet laureate, Ed Madden.

The purpose of The Laureate Series is to celebrate the tradition of poetry that is born to South Carolinians and to promote and honor the relationship between mentor and protégé, advocate and postulant, poet and poet.

There will be a launch party for the book on Tuesday, October 10 th at 6 pm at Immaculate Consumption at 933 Main Street in Columbia, behind the SC State House, at which Conroy will read from the publication. The event is free and open to the public.

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Symptoms of a Teratoma

Symptoms of a Teratoma

NEW from Muddy Ford Press

In this petite and exquisite collection, author Matthew O’Leary creates a literary pathway in and out of the pain of loss and the maddening frustration and lack of control human disease can visit upon us, both as patients and as witnesses to its destruction. Wry and vulnerable, O’Leary’s prose seem to empower the reader with the upper hand by offering the illusion of detached cynicism in what he calls, “the biopsy of my mutation.” O’Leary’s prose will both intensify and lighten you.

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